To Portobello Art School – the home of art teaching for children and young people in the heart of Portobello.

After school art workshops take place at our workshop in Porty and run on a weekly basis over the course of a term.

Our evening art classes take place for older kids at our workshop in Portobello and run over the course of a term.

Holiday art sessions for the creative kids at our workshop in Porty.  Great for keeping the kids amused in the holidays!

For private parties or private art sessions just get in touch! We’re always happy to work something out.

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Learn NEW skills

Portobello Art School is a merging of previous art classes (MADE) and my teaching in many primary schools.

A place to learn new skills and experiment with craft and art materials.

For me, it is a great way to share fun and creative activities using a range of art materials.

I’m always learning from my students!

tailored classes

Classes focus on building on the basic fundamental principles of art. Using these skills as a foundation to build on to develop student’s confidence in experimenting with different artistic styles and mediums.

Classes are tailored to each individual and open to everyone.


P4 Observational Drawings

P4 Observational Drawings

The class chose shells, sticks , feathers and other beach finds that appealed to them They looked at different drawing techniques to create their collages

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